What is a personal loan?

A personal loan is given to anyone in need of short term small amounts. It can range from a couple hundred to few times your salary.

Personal loans can be applied by any one as long as they are working and living in Singapore. If you need a loan today because you have overspend and do not have enough money left, you can apply for a short installment loans with licensed money lenders.

Licensed moneylenders in Singapore provides installment loans to people in need of cash. But do know that not all moneylenders will be willing to provide you such good terms. Only the good money lenders will be willing to do so.

How can a personal loan help you?

Some times we just need that extra cash to spend until your next pay day. Some times we need the extra cash to send it home for your family. Or maybe something happened at home and you need the money urgently.

A personal loan with licensed money lenders mean that you will be able to solve all your problems quickly. A short term loan to solve your problems mean that you no longer have to worry about how you will solve it.

Licensed Moneylenders

Licensed moneylenders provide loans and are licensed by the Ministry of Law of Singapore to do so. So if you need a loan, remember to approach a licensed moneylender. Not sure which money lender is license and which is not? You can do a quick check online. But illegal money lenders aka loan sharks are getting smarter. They have created websites and pretend to be licensed money lenders.

So to avoid falling for their tricks, let us help you find a money lender. Not only are the money lenders we find licensed, they are good and trustworthy as well.

How long will it take before I get my money?

Unlike banks, licensed money lenders can complete your loan application in 1 hour. Not like banks at all. Banks some times take 1 day, some times they take 1 week. No one will be able to give you an exact time of how long it takes with banks.

If you urgently need the money, banks will not be the best choice because you do not know how long before you get the money. Also, you will not be able to know if your application will be approve with banks.

Thus, licensed moneylenders are the ideal choice because of how fast they will be able to help you.

People Choice

By using People Choice, you can get rid of the trouble to find a good licensed money lender. We will do the work for you. Fill in an application form with us and we will help you do all the work.

People Choice is here to help ease your problems. Let us help you find a good licensed money lender today.